Web Programmer Evolution

In my observation working in web development environment there are four phases of a web programmer evolution:
First, those who interested in web programming will start by setup their local web development such as using WAMP(Windows, Apache, MySQL and PHP) packages or LAMP( Linux counterpart). This step is the easiest and the fastest way for a beginner. Some basic jargon such as root directory, PHP extensions, Apache modules will start to fill their brain. Especially when they are start to learn CMS (Content Management System).
On the second evolution, the programmer will start to invest more by paying web hosting or in some cases the free ones. But since those who choose free hosting will find technical difficulties, such as when they tried to mirroring their local development environment, they will finally buy a domain and paid hosting service. Problems in these environments are precious experience in understanding real world web development practices. 
The third evolution happened when the web programmer needs full access to server tidbits with public IP, either by VPS(Virtual Private Server), dedicated server or colocated server. Here, web development is much more than one language source codes. It is very possible to interact with multiple programming languages. It would even involve various server setup that dominated by configuring rather than programming. More in depth exploration of web server, database server and even server security would normally occurred.
The final evolution usually happened when the programmer choose to specialize in a certain environment. This could be programming language, platform, or framework. Some would choose in CMS such as Drupal or Wordpress, others choose frameworks such as CodeIgniter or Symphony. 

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