Autosave in Drupal

Writing content in form of blog, forum posting or e-mail is not always happen smoothly, accident happens. So for example you already write hundreds of words and suddenly you got blue screen of death or your laptop decide to freeze. Screams, frustration and depression might come as a response (a bit dramatic yet its true). In Drupal I just tested Autosave module. So far so good it would automatically saves our writing periodically, so just in case we accidentally click other menu in Drupal while we type, we wouldn't need to worry (yay!).

Drupal and Online Business

After I read a post from Wismoyo about recent release of Commerce Kickstart, it reminds me of online shop. Not just once I got a request to build an online shop from friends, relatives and even my wife. But I often confused to choose which platform to be used. Actually there are lots of CMS made for this purposes, start from osCommerce, Prestashop to Magento.

Drupal modules and its impact on performance

Up until yesterday I still think that the more modules you install on Drupal, the slower the website will be. And I was wrong (doh!). After I install various modules to enhance website functionality, I try to measure its performance using my regular tools, YSlow and PageSpeed. With 17 modules installed (listed here) I found that the performance is still pretty good.
YSlow Grade: B, Score: 86
PageSpeed Score: 94

Fast and its consequences

After my last post last year, seems like my website going pretty fast. But I just realized its consequences, the CSS is gone and the appearance goes plain, black and white. It appears there are problems with the settings on Configuration-Development-Performance menu which resulted in missing CSS. The second problem is Administration menu module. This really helpful menu suddenly gone and only display Wrench icon on the top left corner. After turning off both Aggregrate CSS and Javascript both problems are gone.