Drupal and Online Business

After I read a post from Wismoyo about recent release of Commerce Kickstart, it reminds me of online shop. Not just once I got a request to build an online shop from friends, relatives and even my wife. But I often confused to choose which platform to be used. Actually there are lots of CMS made for this purposes, start from osCommerce, Prestashop to Magento. But to learn and modify those CMS would need considerable amount of time, and it is often build with US business in mind. This also what I found in Drupal with Ubercart modules. For a simple task like changing currency symbol, would need lots of effort which I still could not find the solution. Thus I decide (at that time) that Drupal is not yet ready for a ready-to-run online shop. When I got another request from my boss to build an online shop, I decide to use OpenCart which offer much simplicity that I need and easier to customize rather than Magento.
Back to the previous link about online shop with Drupal. The concept offered by Drupal Commerce is quite interesting. CommerceGuys provides2 type Drupal packages. First, Drupal Commerce for already established Drupal site and wants to add online shop feature in it. The second one, Commerce Kickstart for those who want to build an online shop from scratch, since Commerce Kickstart includes Drupal Core along with all required modules to build an online shop. Plain and simple!
This is another thing that I like from Drupal. Often we start a website a simple blog or perhaps we choose to build community or organization website. But as the website grow, we might want to add various features according to our need. One of them might be online business and Drupal Commerce may be one of the solution for me and what you are looking for.


IMHO Drupal is one of the most favorite CMS in US. It's need to be clear if you write the level programming for Drupal that might users need to know.
As I know, Drupal has middle to high level in programming side to be needed by users.
And also perhaps in the next article you'll write, you can give us more info about various business that can be made by using Drupal :D
Great article, pals :)
Keep going

Thanks Andy, yeah I agree, I just think it would be nice if there is some customization especially in Ubercart module to be applicable in other countries. Inflexibility currency symbol is one of them that I think need an immediate concern. 

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