Autosave in Drupal

Writing content in form of blog, forum posting or e-mail is not always happen smoothly, accident happens. So for example you already write hundreds of words and suddenly you got blue screen of death or your laptop decide to freeze. Screams, frustration and depression might come as a response (a bit dramatic yet its true). In Drupal I just tested Autosave module. So far so good it would automatically saves our writing periodically, so just in case we accidentally click other menu in Drupal while we type, we wouldn't need to worry (yay!). One weakness that I found a bit inconvenience is that it doesn't cooperate with CKEditor really well. It would only save field other than CKEditor field itself (doh). The pop-up might annoying too, but this easily overcome by activating Stealth mode in Configuration->Content Authoring->Autosave.

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