Core i7 is not always faster than i5

I always thought of Intel Core i7 as the best and the fastest compared to Intel Core i5. That is why when I saw computer specifications with Core i7 processor looks wow compared to Core i5 and sometimes it become justifiable for a more expensive price. Few moments ago I conclude that this is not a right opinion. The number of core and clockspeed have more impact on performance compared to processor series or architectures.

Autosave in Drupal

Writing content in form of blog, forum posting or e-mail is not always happen smoothly, accident happens. So for example you already write hundreds of words and suddenly you got blue screen of death or your laptop decide to freeze. Screams, frustration and depression might come as a response (a bit dramatic yet its true). In Drupal I just tested Autosave module. So far so good it would automatically saves our writing periodically, so just in case we accidentally click other menu in Drupal while we type, we wouldn't need to worry (yay!).

Web Programmer Evolution

In my observation working in web development environment there are four phases of a web programmer evolution:
First, those who interested in web programming will start by setup their local web development such as using WAMP(Windows, Apache, MySQL and PHP) packages or LAMP( Linux counterpart). This step is the easiest and the fastest way for a beginner. Some basic jargon such as root directory, PHP extensions, Apache modules will start to fill their brain. Especially when they are start to learn CMS (Content Management System).

Drupal and Online Business

After I read a post from Wismoyo about recent release of Commerce Kickstart, it reminds me of online shop. Not just once I got a request to build an online shop from friends, relatives and even my wife. But I often confused to choose which platform to be used. Actually there are lots of CMS made for this purposes, start from osCommerce, Prestashop to Magento.